Sepidar System

صفحه اصلی


Speed up management of your financials and save time for managing core business functions

Sepidar’s integrated systems design automatically updates all related business transactions. The system reports all important transactions and analytics in one single view based in your management needs. These transactions include account balances, payable and receivable checks, non-cashed checks, and delivered goods.


Keep up-to-date with policy changes

You no longer need to worry about government policy changes for reporting. Sepidar adheres to current rules and reporting regulations and will automatically update with the latest policies. You can easily and quickly generate financial reports such as VAT, payroll tax, seasonal sales and procurement, as well as social security insurance

Create your customized reports

With Sepidar, you can easily customize your transactional and management reports and export in various formats including Word, Excel or PDF.









Sepidar System

Sepidar system provides Accounting software for SMEs :

  • Accounting
  • Receivable & Payable
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Payroll Management
  • Project Financial Tracking miscellaneous
  • Multi -currency : this system s requirement is accounting module . with this subsystem you can register all of your vouchers & information with different currency.
  • Multi-companies: We provide a maximum of 10 company at the same time.


  • Data freezing: With this option you can keep your data secure.
  • Multi-lingual : We have English ,Kurdish, Arabic ,Persian version.
  • Multi -warehousing
  • Integrated with Microsoft office
  • Graphs
  • Report writer
  • Audit feature
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Multi-user